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Are flies affecting your business? If you are a restaurant or food establishment owner or manager, you would know how embarrassing and annoying flies can be for everyone to deal with, especially your hard-won customers. Turn to the professionals at Advanced Pest Solutions to effectively control flies in your business.

Like most food service managers, you have probably encountered the added expense of having employees stay after- hours to cover up all food surfaces so that you could safely spray aerosols to bring the fly problem under control, only to have the problem back the next day after all deliveries have been made. Choosing us will help solve the issues promptly and effectively.

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Fly strips are against health inspection standards, and expensive fly light traps are a waste of money. Our team will effectively control flies and prevent reinfestation. Call us today!

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Our team addresses the outside breeding areas like your dumpster and enclosure, grease collection units, outside doorways, and entry points. Prevent a fly problem in the first place by taking advantage of our commercial fly control services. We also provide residential pest control services.

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Dirty Common housefly viewed from up high, Musca domestica, isolated on white

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