Residential Mosquito Control

Residential Mosquito Control

Ready For A Mosquito Free Summer?

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends while swatting skeeters or itching bites. With cases of insect-borne diseases like Zika on the rise, it’s even more important to protect yourself and your family from Mosquitoes. Skip the smelly insect repellants, the bug zappers and fogs and mist sprays – when you hire Advanced Pest Solutions, say goodbye to these annoying insects. Backyard Mosquito control is perfect for single family homes with Mosquito problems.

Mosquito-Proof Your Backyard

Our Mosquito barrier treatment kills Mosquitoes in your yard, and our friendly, licensed technicians audit your property for any active larvae populations or potential breeding grounds. We only use environmentally friendly products.

No need to be home when we treat ... We’ll leave behind an invoice and notify you of any tips for eliminating standing water in your yard. If you are at home, we ask that your children, and your pets remain inside while we treat your yard. Thirty to sixty minutes later depending on weather conditions, you are welcome to return outside and start enjoying the outdoors immediately.

We recommend treatment every 30 days to maintain the barrier, kill Mosquitoes in your yard and prevent them from coming back all season.

While nothing can eliminate every Mosquito on your property, our customers repeatedly tell us that it is rare that they see any biting insects at all.

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